Current Projects What's Coming

Get A Lawyer

Local SEO Targeted blog to help people find a lawyer in their area. Set to Launch by the end of May 2017

Landing Pages For Google CTC Campaigns


One of my most succesful campaign to date. Vivint Security systems acheived their goals witin 30 days!

Auto Repair Services

A simple Landing page to promote a auto body repair service.

Donate Junk Cars

This a special ongoing campaign supporting The Breast Cancer Foundation.

Dormant sites Active websites but no longer maintained

Men's Recreation

Originaly started as an online magazine to be converted to a mobile app.

Former Ecommerce Sites Gone but not forgoten

Filipina Gifts

My very first website which became one of the largest online retailers in the Philippines. Sold in 2009. I feel it was one of my biggest mistakes letting it go.

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